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Accounts Receivable Factoring - financial service used by small business in order alleviate the cash flow crunch built up in its unpaid receivables. Services include accounts receivable factoring, working capital, invoice factoring, and invoice discounting, purchase order inventory financing.

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Accounts Receivable Factoring

Invoice Factoring Factoring Company-us has been designed to become a valuable information source for factoring your accounts receivable. Typically small business owners can become confused and frustrated with the details of factoring. We want to simplify matters for your and show you what a valuable tool that factoring plays in growing your business. First, we will take you through the factoring process explaining the fundamentals in simple terms. We believe that factoring needs to be a win/win situation. It needs to work for both parties. If you do have any questions we encourage you to call us at 800-331-6365.

Are your customers holding you hostage by slow paying invoices?

Ever feel like your are climbing a mountain and for every step you take toward your business goals you get two steps further away because to never have the cash to do what you need to do? When you offer terms to your customers and then they slow pay your invoices, you are being held hostage by your customers. Invoice discounting is a way to break free of this vicious cycle. Why spend the time and effort to collect the receivables that your customers owe you to only find out that they aren't going to pay anyhow. Factoring companies screen your debtors to ensure that they are credit worthy and are going to pay and also handle the collections for you. Invoice discounting is like having your accounts receivable department without the headaches. Spend time growing your business, not babysitting your customers!

Every try to get a bank financing?

Banks are in the asset lending business and used to making collateralized loans based off of your unencumbered assets. Most small business and startups don't have this type of collateral not to mention the two years of profitability before a bank will even let you apply. Accounts Receivable factoring companies are not interested in your hard tangible assets or the time in business. Accounts receivable financing is primarly concerned with the strengths of the debtors (YOUR CUSTOMERS). If you have customers that are going to pay then invoice factoring will definately help increase your cash flow.

Cash NowAccounts Receivable Factoring, also know as Accounts Receivable Financing, Account Receivable Funding, Invoice Discounting, Cash Flow Funding, and Invoice Factoring is a short-term financing technique for working capital purposes, which finances a company with a collateralized security interest in a companies accounts receivables.

Key Reasons for Factoring:

  • FAST FUNDING- typically 24 hours.
  • ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS - offer terms.
  • SUPPLIER DISCOUNTS - pay in advance.
  • EASY APPLICATION PROCESS - 15min application.
  • NO HASSLE COLLECTIONS - outsourced Accounts Receivable.
  • NO MORE DEADBEAT CUSTOMERS - credit reports run on all customers.

Accounts Receivable Factoring Flexibility is the key ingredient to why factoring will help you. We think you should only factor what you need. Why pay for money you don't need! Developing a customized program that fits your needs is what we are all about. Our programs allows you to factor the invoices you want when you want, as often as you want. If your business warrants we can even factor up to $1.0 million or more.

Browse our web site or call us if you have any questions. We think that once you weigh the pros and cons of factoring over traditional financing you will see how we make the factoring process simple.

Factoring is selling the interest in your accounts receivables or invoices to a factor at a small discount. Sometimes factoring is called "account receivable financing". Factoring provides over 100 billion dollars to industry each year. In fact, factoring is an old financial service used by multi-billion dollar corporations that is now available to smaller sized businesses to which banks are reluctant to lend funds. Factoring is filling a tremendous void that banks have created.

Fill the void in your cash flow now! Capitalize on the strength and creditworthiness of your customers. Have their good credit work for you.