Spot Factoring: is tradionally used in the Construction industry and allows the construction company to factor a specific invoice or customer and end the financing relationship once the invoice is paid.

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Construction Factoring

Why is it so hard for a contruction company to find a factoring company?

Construction factoring is a complicated subject that only a handful of factoring companies are specialized enough to understand. Applying to traditional factoring companies that do not understand the business can be a frustrating experience. We understand this, and unlike the majority of our competitors, The factoring Company is qualified to handle your business.

We understand that in most instances you are waiting to get paid from your General Contractor or subcontractor who is also awaiting payment. This is called "Pay when Paid" invoicing. Your company needs money to:

- Make Payroll
- Start New Projects
- Get Supplier Discounts

We understand the specialized lein laws and the rights that suppliers have on the construction project. Other issues that we encounter are the progress billings that are made to subcontractors working on an involved project. We also understand how to handle retainage, offsets, and charge backs.

construction factoringWe also offer a unique program that allow you to "spot factor" invoices. Imagine that you just took on a new and relatively large customer and you really don't have a good handle on their payment history which cripples your ability to take on new projects. If you have a couple customers we can essentially offer you a credit line on your total outstanding Accounts Receivable. We can advance up to 80 - 90% of the invoice depending upon the terms and your customers credit rating.

Construction factoring requires a lot of due diligence and must be handled by a specialized company. You need a company experienced in construction factoring or else you risk interrupting your cash flow as the non-specialized factoring company gets over the learning curve of your business demands. We understand your business and we can get you funded fast and easy, please use our "mini" application form available. Once we get the application we will call you right away to get some additional information. If you cooperate with our information requests we could have you funding in as little as 3 days.

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