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Direct Factoring Lender - Companies that make the underwriting decision to fund a companies account receivable.

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About Us

Our sales representaive has over 10 years of experience factoring accounts receivable. He has a degree in Economics and was a former stock broker. He is knowledgeable in all types of financing. If you are confused about how the factoring process works he will take the time to explain the process in laymans terms so your can feel comfortable with the process.

If you are familiar with factoring then he will be able to build a custom factoring program tailored to your business and customer base. You will find that we have developed the best program in the factoring business. Our mission is to ensure that your company get the best financial support along with the best rates and service. It starts with your first call with us and continues with our operations staff which is one of the the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the industry.



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